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Digital Commerce

Today's consumers expect a seamless, personalized shopping experience across all channels. Traditional e-commerce solutions often fall short, leaving businesses frustrated and customers dissatisfied. Azzociatez offers a comprehensive approach to digital commerce, helping you bridge the gap and achieve explosive growth.


We craft strategic growth engines that maximize revenue & dominate your market.

Why Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce Now


B2B & D2C buyers prefer to self-serve through online marketplaces


Businesses prioritize integrating their e-commerce platform with existing system


B2B & D2C buyers now research and make purchases through mobile devices. 


Operational Cost reduced through digital commerce platform by companies 

Azzociatez Offerings

The digital commerce landscape is constantly evolving, and keeping pace can be a challenge. At Azzociatez, we empower B2B, B2C, B2B2C, and Marketplace businesses to thrive in this dynamic environment. Our comprehensive suite of services helps you craft a winning strategy, optimize customer journeys, and achieve explosive growth.


Digital Strategy & Consulting 

Chart your digital commerce course with Business-Led data-driven roadmaps, platform selection, user experience mapping and a tailored maturity assessment.

Commerce Roadmap Development: Azzociatez takes a deep dive to understand your unique business goals & challenges. We define a clear, Business-Led data-driven roadmap for your digital commerce journey, encompassing your target operating model & Azzociatez's Model of Capability & Knowledge (MoCK). Platform Analysis, Feasibility, and Selection: Azzociatez helps you navigate the options. We perform a thorough analysis of your existing systems, assess platform feasibility, and guide you towards the optimal solution for your needs. User Persona & User Journey Mapping: We don't just build platforms; we craft engaging customer experiences. We help you define user personas and map their buying journeys, ensuring your platform caters to their specific needs at every touchpoint. Commerce Maturity Readiness Assessment & Roadmap: Our experts assess your current maturity level and create a personalized roadmap to guide you toward your strategic goals.


Commerce Technology Implementation

Seamless Commerce Platform Solutions from platform implementation & omnichannel integration to custom development. 

End-to-End Commerce Implementations: Whether you're a B2B, B2C, D2C, D2B, or Marketplace business, Azzociatez delivers end-to-end commerce implementations. We take care of everything, from platform selection and customization to integration and launch. Omnichannel Commerce: Today's customers expect a seamless buying experience across all channels. We create unified omnichannel commerce experiences that integrate your online store with physical touchpoints, social media, and marketing campaigns. Seamless Integration: Ensure your digital commerce platform integrates seamlessly with existing systems (CRM, ERP) for a unified operation. Custom E-Commerce Platform Development: Our team of developers can build a custom e-commerce platform to meet your specific requirements and integrate seamlessly with your existing systems. Cloud-based Solutions: Leverage the power and scalability of the cloud to ensure your digital commerce platform can grow with your business.


Integrated Marketing Operation & Automation

Boost sales with streamlined marketing automation, campaign management expertise and data-driven go-To-Market (GTM) strategies

Marketing Automation: Streamline your marketing efforts and personalize the customer journey with powerful marketing automation tools. Marketing Operations Expertise: Leverage our expertise in campaign management, lead nurturing, and data analysis to optimize your marketing ROI. Campaign Management Strategies: Develop targeted and data-driven marketing campaigns that attract the right audience and convert leads into customers.



Modernize Your Commerce Platform: Migrate to a modern, Integrated cost-effective platform while enhancing user experience and optimizing performance. 

Modernization & Migration: We provide seamless migration services to modern, cost-effective platforms that empower you to take advantage of the latest technologies and features. Revamp User Experience: Ensure a delightful customer experience with a refreshed user interface and optimized user journeys. Our experts can transform your existing platform into a user-friendly and engaging online store. • Platform Enhancements & Maintenance: Azzociatez offers ongoing platform enhancements and maintenance services to ensure your digital commerce solution remains secure, optimized, and evolves with your changing needs.

Ready to Transform Your Digital Commerce Presence?


Our Capabilities to Power Progress

Digital Commerce: Future Trends  

Unleash the Power with Future of Digital Commerce: Azzociatez Commerce

Streamline operations, personalize journeys, and skyrocket sales.

Azzociatez Commerce empowers you with everything from product catalogs and order management, seamless fulfillment, to targeted marketing & loyalty programs – all seamlessly integrated.

Bonus! Its' s Modular, AI-Driven, Effortless integrations & data-driven.

Your All-in-One Digital Powerhouse!


Azzociatez Commerce is the game-changer you've been waiting for. It's not just an e-commerce platform – it's a comprehensive digital commerce ecosystem designed to supercharge your online sales and streamline operations.

Empowers businesses to streamline operations, skyrocket sales & build lasting customer relationships.

Azzociatez Commerce in Manufacturing

  • What is Digital Commerce?
    Digital commerce enables customers to purchase goods and services through an interactive and self-service experience. It includes the people, processes and technologies to execute the offering of development content, analytics, promotion, pricing, customer acquisition and retention, and customer experience at all touchpoints throughout the customer buying journey. ~ Gartner
  • What is Difference between E-commerce & Digital Commerce?
    Digital commerce & ecommerce are often used interchangeably but address different aspects of the buyer journey. Knowing the differences can help you better connect with customers at every touchpoint. Ecommerce involves creating a website or store to sell products and services to customers. Then the process ends after the order shipment is complete. However, the customer journey starts before they visit your store and continues even after order fulfillment. So, ecommerce only covers a single aspect of the entire customer cycle. Digital Commerce When a customer views a social ad or discovers your brand from a Google search, digital commerce is happening. Digital commerce is the 2.0 version of ecommerce, a fully optimized successor. If ecommerce is the method, digital commerce is the strategy for delivering a personalized user experience. Digital commerce encompasses the full scope of processes and technologies in selling products and services online, from initial customer engagement and acquisition to retention and post-purchase activities. Such as search engine optimization, market research, product descriptions, CRM, retargeted social advertisement, data analytics, payment software, supply chain management, and the logistics involved in efficiently shipping items from the warehouse to your customer.
  • Who can implement Digital Commerce ?
    Digital Commerce has changed how businesses connect with customers and how customers shop, thanks to smartphones and the increasing availability of internet access worldwide. It eliminates geographical limitations, allows 24/7 availability of products and services, and provides businesses with valuable data and insights about consumer behavior. Practically, any form of Business can implement Digital Commerce as below: Business-to-business (B2B): Involves trade between two or more businesses, usually through conventional wholesalers and producers. B2B is also known as wholesale. Consumer-to-consumer (C2C): Also known as online marketplaces, C2C connects consumers to exchange goods and services. C2C businesses typically make money by charging transaction or listing fees. Examples of C2C platforms include online auctions and classified advertisements, such as EBay and Craigslist. Consumer-to-business (C2B): Common in crowdsourcing based projects, C2B involves individuals making their services or products available for purchase for companies. For example, designers may present several proposals for a company logo, and only one of them is selected and purchased. Business-to-government (B2G): Involves the sale of goods and services to government agencies. Consumer-to-government (C2G): Involves the sale of goods and services to consumers. Business-to-administration (B2A): Involves companies providing products or services for government agencies. Consumer-to-administration (C2A): Involves all online transactions between consumers and government bodies.
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